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Discussion on: Why your website should use dithered images

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I agree, I've also added more. I use lazy loading only on big images. I resized the 80 images to 250 width and made a masonic grid appearance with the various size pictures by using responsive flex. A good amount of them are .jpg. A 100% quality jpg has always come out as less than a loseless webp. I recently went for the next-gen formats and converted my jpgs to webps. Not only can I not use the .webp images on many other sites but the quality appears exactly the same, thumbnails do not appear (I can likely change this easy since I'm using ArchLinux), and every single file I've converted to webp comes out larger. I've started converting my webp's back to jpg actually. It was giving me 10-40 more KB per image which was really adding up. I don't think webp is 100% ready for production use yet.