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Seeing examples of different teams

To have an idea on how a team should behave, should be or should do, I prefer not to have a recipe that we need to follow but examples, because each example has it's pros and cons. Since the teams are built by people, and people are a complex system, is hard at least for me to find a perfect recipe form another cool company saying that you need to do such a thing or this way.....

In the essence this small article is just a curated list that I think that it's nice to read to create an opinion on what a team should forsee to be.

  • Reiventing organizations, I will start talking about a book that doesn't talk only about tech companies, but it talks about a diverse range of companies that applied a new concept on promotions, recruitment and managing people, it's worth to read to have a glimpse of that it's only tech companies that can apply such new concepts but all types of companies, but the good part of this book is that illustrate the pros and cons of each company method.

  • You don't need standups, I really love how spotify does his managing, and innovate around agiles ideas, so it's good to read, but keep in mind that they have teams that are already working with agile in a long time, so they can move forward with new pattern, before implementing look to your team and organization and see if it make sense to push such new ideas. :D

  • 37 signals, Getting Real, This company since I started in IT I was reading about remote work and this company really sted out from the others since it had a really cool mechanism of dealing with remote work. This book doesn't only talk about remote work but thinking about products, it's really good reading.

  • Red Guava, This is a youtube video of how the company Red Guava is working, it's essentially remote work, and they are doing really good. It's nice to watch the video to see how they did and thrive around that concept.

  • Etsy, What is a Senior Developer In order to have a good team, expectations need to be set, and this article from Etsy summarises what is to be a Senior Developer and what behaviors and knowledge they need to have to thrive. I like to see what other companies expect from different roles in the team to see if what I am studying and improving is in the right direction or not.

I wanted to share all these resources in order to expose how different companies are doing with agile and remote work, so that you can critically see how are you doing and to where do you want to go. All those ideas and technics has it's pros and cons, so choose wisely.

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