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re: Amazing. Thank you for sharing your experience! I have a question. Have you had to compromise with design? I guess the real question is did you ha...

Yes, it affected the design very much! I encourage you to create an account and play with it (you can completely delete your account from the settings page if it's not for you).

I think there are a few things that would have normally been done without redirecting to an intermediate page. For example, when you create an invoice, you must first select the client to which this new invoice will belong. If it were a SPA, my initial reaction would be to bring up a modal or autocomplete-dropdown listing all your clients so that you can select one. However, since it's not a SPA, you are redirected to which is a listing of your clients.

I somewhat dislike this multi-step process and I think that a modal or autocomplete-dropdown for selecting a client would make it feel less like a multi-step process. But at the end of the day, the app still works great and is fast, and I think once you get used to a little hiccup like that, it totally outweighs having a slow, heavy app.

Another thing I did to improve the UX was make sure that all inputs and buttons are disabled when you submit a form, so that you realize that it's submitting and don't try submitting twice or navigating away from the page.

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