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re: You are tackling the wrong problems.It's not about refresh button or modularity, its about UI in sync with the State. PWA is not only about loading...

I was fully onboard with all of those benefits of SPAs when I started building them. It never works out in the real world though. "Less bandwidth" is sort of a bogus argument for a couple reasons:

  1. Asana requires 27MB to load first time, 13MB if your cache is primed. Using Slimvoice requires 42KB for your first load and roughly 8KB for every subsequent page load. That means, with some quick math, that you have to perform 1625 page loads/actions in a single session on Slimvoice to make up for the initial load of Asana. I would be surprised if a user did 20 things on Slimvoice over one session. The comparison is slightly apples to oranges but I think I've made my point.
  2. The benefits of all that have turned out to be more theoretical than practical. I'll let JimDabell speak for me here. I too live with a relatively garbage internet connection, and I have not yet encountered a SPA that reliably solves these problems from any size company. It appears that Facebook and Google haven't actually solved it yet.
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