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Not a commit, but a branch name, but it's in a similar vein...

In 2015 a client came to my then employer to finish off a lift sharing site that had been in development for three years after relations with the original developer had broken down.

The repository had a load of branches, including ones called thePointBeforeDevStoppedCaringWhatClientToldHimToDo and thePointWhenDevStoppedCaringWhatClientToldHimToDo. Names have been changed to Dev and Client to protect their identities.


thats why you must never give git access to the client


"TGIF goin to vegas for the weekend" (private source, can't link sadly)


Not so much the best, but the obvious “fixed bug” with no other details included. Those just really bug me! 😄


"Just done some stuff, no biggie" can't find the link though.

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