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Discussion on: Novo projeto React Native usando ESLint e Prettier

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Shubhendra Singh Chauhan • Edited

Hey @jonilsonds9 A nice walkthrough of setting up ESLint and Prettier locally. 👏
I think you should try out DeepSource, which lets you put code formatting on autopilot and takes away the burden of setting things up locally. ✨
Why it's useful?
Suppose you own/maintain a project on GitHub or any other VCS provider so there may be the chances the contributors of your project push the changes without setting up these tools locally then In this case, you might not want to drop a comment on every PR and ask them to set up these tools locally or ask them to follow the
That's where DeepSource comes in action - you can set it up on your repository and it will continuously check for the code style and code quality voilations whenever a change is made.

P.s- Reading is a good practice.

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Jonilson Sousa Author

Our @withshubh , I didn't know that, very cool! I wrote this article because I was forced to do a project, but I don't use it very much, but it's a really cool tip, I'll follow!