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I see what you're saying. And I'll agree, having not done any serious web dev between 2007 and 2013 when I started picking up Node, it felt like a completely different language. But I don't think that was a result of the syntax as much as the ideas: jQuery was no longer cool, DHTML was no longer a word, XHTML which was supposed to be the future had withered, and everyone used JSON instead of XML. Oh, and bundlers. And modules. It has literally taken me years, working full time on JavaScript projects since 2014, to feel like I've caught up. I started using async/await a few months ago, and have yet to use React in a project. But it's not the syntax that holds me back I don't think. If anything, the syntax (arrow functions, JSX, async/await) help make code more readable. We just live in such a fertile time for programming languages and ideas (and aren't framework just manifestations of an idea?) are being introduced at a manic pace.

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