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Instagram Tagging COVID-19 Alert on the Posts [Filtering]

woosal profile image Vusal Ismayilov ・2 min read

As it is really sad to see how we all are dealing/passing through such hardships as Covid taking over the world, it is also really motivational to see new innovations of different technologies in this field.

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One of which I have noticed recently while surfing Instagram was that on stories and posts containing any word related to the Covid, COVID, COVID-19, COVID 19, etc. Instagram could automatically detect them and put a link to the current situation going on with the Covid news. It did really attract my attention, and I was on my way to code such innovative and at the same time really interesting experience on my own. Below, I have shared my way for that.
I am already a bit experienced in the Computer Vision as I have been a part of a few CV included projects, and developed a few models myself. However, for such simple task, I did not really require and was in need of putting that much of effort just to detect a few words in the images, which actually Teserract — a simple CV library developed by Google — came to the help.

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Teserract is very simple, however, very powerful and accurate enough library including OCR model in itself. Enough talk, check out the code and the process that I have been for the past few hours through the link below:


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