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Discussion on: What's Your Shell of Choice?

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Conlin Durbin

Bash for me - it is installed everywhere and is simple. I used to be much more into having a good looking terminal with lots of functionality, but over time I question how much tools like that become a distraction to fiddle with over a legitimate use of time.

I use terminal git and vim on a daily basis. I try to question what the minimal configuration I need to get up and running is. Right now I could do a good amount of development on a machine with default vim, git and bash installed and if I pull in my git config, init.vim, and .bashrc I can get up and running with something very close to my everyday environment.

I do also use tmux, but I wouldn't say that is a requirement for me to use the tools I like - it just gives me a good way of organizing my workspaces.

Here is what my bash looks like: