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Discussion on: What are your tips for an effective developer resumé?

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Corey McCarty
  • Avoid multiple columns. Software readers can completely miss anything not in the left column.

  • Use keywords wherever you can fit them in. Tools, languages, deployment environments, use keywords that are popular in the job listings that you are seeing for your desired new positions.

  • Front load the things that make you look better. If you have a degree then put it near the top half, and explain what things you did in completion of that degree that make you a good developer. If you are light on experience, but have lots of projects then you should have a projects section. This is especially beneficial as it allows you to fit in lots of keywords.

  • When describing a job/position you write the bullet points as achievements. These achievements should explain the goal achieved and the means of accomplishing it.

  • If you use a summary/objective then it should be specific to you and not things that EVERY developer could say about themselves.

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