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Discussion on: The Shocking Immaturity of JavaScript

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Lauri Ojansivu

Yes. It goes like this:

  1. Continue maintaining software that someone other made with Meteor.
  2. Add more and packages and a lot of features and fixes.
  3. Upgrade Meteor and npm packages, change to other packages if something is not maintained, fork and patch unmaintained packages.
  4. Try many other web frameworks and programming languages: maybe there could be something better? But does those code examples even compile or work at all? Do those web frameworks even have all dependencies required available? Is there any hope understanding that other web framework and programming language syntax? Web frameworks and programming languages change syntax all the time. Getting stuck.
  5. Go back to Meteor and somehow make it do anything.
  6. Steps 4-5 repeat, again and again.

My life story.