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Persistence in the dev world

Hi there,am actually a new member of the community.Writing this article means a lot to me since i am expressing my happiness by encouraging those of us who are beginners to the programming world.
One of the characteristics of a programmer,developer or any other IT person is PERSISTENCE,yes I said persistence.Having issues and problems in the dev world is inevitable but fixing them is rather accomplishable.Being able to see a problem(not necessarily a bug)and try fixing it over and over times not counting the failure turn outs is persistence in my dev dictionary.Recently,probably 2 days ago,i finally connected my web site to a database after several fails.I know some people who read this article would be like thats a small thing but it isnt for me because i failed over 10 times(very disappointing)but i never gave up,actually speaking am just a learner in the backend world but built a big website on the fronted,back end and the database management.What am i trying to say hear;that we are not limited to what we think we know but we could be persistent till we master what we didn't know.
With that i end this article on persitency in the dev world,thanks for reading.

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