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I feel where you are coming from. Personally I haven't had laggy electron apps. Slack, Atom, Gitkraken and now Buttercup, all work fine.

They are not lagging but eating too much RAM. I can expect 500MB usage from IDEs or editors, not password managers or chat apps.

BTW it's worth mentioning that Nextcloud is supported as well.

Slack takes >10 seconds till i can use it and that is on a machine with a nvme SSD, latest i7 etc. How can it be that computer get faster and faster, but the applications become slower? But the memory usage annoys me even more. For example the messenger application franz is currently using more than 500 MB. This is ridiculous.

This isn't even a accusation to the developers of electron applications. Electron makes it really easy to build multi-platform and beautiful applications. The problem is that there is currently no real alternative.

It's a sad thing indeed. Maybe upcoming tech like is a sign of it's time.

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