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Disclosure: I work for AgileBits, makers of 1Password.

1Password's design actually presumes that the data we store in our databases will eventually be captured. We agree that you should trust the math much more than you trust the policy and procedures of any company.

You can read more about this in the security white paper under "Vulnerability of server data". The service is designed to protect your secrets even if the databases storing your data are compromised (No cryptographic secrets are ever sent to our servers.) and even if TLS is compromised. (We use SRP to verify the authenticity of the server on each connection after the initial setup process.)

I've been a user of 1Password for sometime and have 0 reason to switch. I use Dropbox for syncing. Just curious though, in my case, does AgileBits have access to and/or store some version of my Database file?

When you use Dropbox or iCloud for syncing, AgileBits does not have access to your data file in any form and stores no copies or backups. All backups are created and stored only on your computer and in Dropbox in your case.

Awesome. Thanks for the clarification.

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