Who are your favorite writers here on DEV?

Fred Adams on November 23, 2019

Who are some people whose posts on DEV you particularly enjoy? Here are a few of mine: Emma Wedekind — she writes about a variety of topics, wi... [Read Full]
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I can't write an exhaustive list, but it would include the DEV.to team
and also @jcutrell @jeremylikness @awwsmm @char_bone @aspittel @carolstran

Jonathan Cutrell gives great soft skills advices in the Developer Tea Podcast

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Jeremy Likness has a great series that empower people to start giving technical talks

Follow Andrew and I guarantee you will learn a lot while reading his lists of 20 things

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Charlotte has written great posts on why and how we should reconsider the hiring process

Ali Spittel wrote too much good articles, I can't summarize them

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I just started following Carolyn after her great article on removing condescending language from documentation


Oh wow thank you Jean-Michel! as I'm so new to writing on here this especially means a lot to me :)


I'm the moderator for the growing #sql, #database and #postgres tags.

There's plenty of Data Devs writing about all things from Data Engineering, Data Science and Analytics. I've been really loving their posts lately.

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Thanks so much! Will have more posts and interesting content coming soon, and thanks again for the comment.

— Fred


I always enjoy Ali Spittel's insights.

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not on DEV only, he is really great person

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Igor Irianto, he writes about vim <3

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Ali Spittel, Ryland G, Ilona Codes, Rachel Soderberg and Molly Struve. My favs.

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