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Programming languages need to be simplified heavily till a person is able to write without having to look at a manual very much or little as possible even if they don't know what the syntax is also they can figure out solutions to problems without using a manual, THAT'S a good language first of all, as for making video games,etc that process should be simplified as well having to write 100 lines of code to open a fucking window on an operating system is stupid in 2019, maybe back in the early beginning days it made sense even then I would have tried to simplify .

We don't need type systems, class structures,etc we just need as simple as possible and where it makes sense to add a tagging system we should do so, etc

If a fanbase wants to add new features or update the syntax then the fanbase can decide but the designer still needs to give it a okay or not based on improving aware good design choices and if he disagree's with the community then their needs to be convincing going on to change their mind.

and why is maths so fucking bad also who designed it your terrible, who is going to know what sin and cos is if they have never studied maths before dumb dumb dumb, this is why I don't program because I just can't get past the bad design decisions.

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