Discussion on: Svelte for Sites, React for Apps

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React was never meant to be a framework/library that a new developer should start with but herd mentality more or less drives them to do so. "Its built by facebook and there's tons of jobs" is enough to convince a lot of people.

While I do understand that particular fact, I don't think a sufficiently experienced developer will have alot of trouble learning React. Because of the aforementioned issue, there's a lot of free and high quality learning material.

Svelte will not replace React, and in time will introduce its own problems. I am a React early-adopter and I was literally thrilled when it came out, I felt the same way I did about JQuery at the time that most do about React when compared to Web Components or X framework/library (ex: Svelte). Now I see that there are problems that React itself introduces.

Hooks hell, using hooks the right way, state management etc. all have solutions but the problem is that its a problem in the first place.

I'm not trying to be critical about anything but I don't believe that the problem lies in React but the way we solve the problem as a whole.

This will however always be a problem that will not be solved perfectly.

So what do we do? Use whatever that attempts to solve the problem the most elegantly. But with the understanding that it will never be solved fully. ex: You can use React for a simple site but should you?

PS: I enjoyed reading this post very much!