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I've heard about Remix, but never tried it out and I probably never will either given the fact that it's paid-only. Maybe that will only be the case till they're production-ready? I really don't know.

If they plan on doing this post-production, it will just introduce segregation to a community that is already struggling with finding good solutions to problems and hence fail as a solution.

The problems that Remix attempts to solve are already solved by frameworks like NextJS (can't say for sure because I just read their docs) and NextJS, in particular, has a very bright future (attended the NextJS conf and it was brilliant). There are plenty of free alternative solutions to the problems Remix has outlined if frameworks like NextJS are overkill.

What would be great is if they focused more on their value proposition or how they plan to solve problems better/differently compared to existing solutions. That way it's easier for us as devs to make a decision as to whether or not Remix is something we should be excited about.

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Aditya Agarwal

I explain the difference between Remix and Next here