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Discussion on: React vs Angular vs Vue.js — What Is the Best Choice in 2021?

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I honestly don't understand why people keep making posts like this. Every time I see a post like this it has a click-bait title and lacks research effort.

With all due respect, you are tarnishing the reputation of your company by writing content like this. Let me just take a few points from your post:

"Projects that want to have a simple frontend" and "Projects with short deadlines." as reasons to use ReactJS. Any developer decent enough or has been in the industry for at least a couple of years knows well enough that a library/framework like React is COMPLETELY overkill for "simple frontends". I don't understand why anyone would want to use React instead of Vue or Angular for projects with short deadlines. It's not like any of them have some kind of magic method to make DX so painless that you can get things done quicker than any other. Each one of them has their own weaknesses.

"Lack of resources" & "Chinese background" as drawbacks of Vue. Obviously, you haven't heard of VueSchool and its efforts to create top-quality content. Just a couple of weeks ago they released a completely new course dedicated to the Vue framework NuxtJS. Also, how are these even relevant?

I just can't go on and don't have the nerves to go on about the rest of the points that the post makes. Content like this is extremely misleading both to developers new and experienced. Picking a technology to architect solutions is not like picking the best car based on metrics. It requires a LOT of context and reasoning.

What's the best framework to pick, you ask? Use something that solves your problem the best, not some fad shiny tool that a lot of people are using.

If the choice is not clear, that simply means either you do not have sufficient understanding of the problem or that the problem is too simple to solve using a framework/library.

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Kinanee Samson

I like this. Pick one that works for you and stick with it!