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Discussion on: I feel like the quality of posts in Dev is deteriorating

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Mydrax Author • Edited

Dev kinda attempts to achieve the final goal of providing a quality rating by allowing the author to set a value between 1 to 10 (new to senior experienced devs) when making the post (you have to click on manage) so that the appropriate readers get targetted but idk how as a reader I can set this value. Regardless, giving the author this privilege kinda defeats the point from a reader's perspective.

I'd say a quality rating like that not just based on the draft but based on stuff like how many posts the author has written, how well they're received etc. can go a long way. But if it's publicly visible it might cause segregation, or new authors might not get the ability to grow. It can be private, and the readers can silently subscribe to a particular range too but the problem might still stand.

Dev afaik doesn't have a report abuse option for plagiarized content, and the code of conduct doesn't mention anything either.