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I hear a lot about blockchain nowadays, I don't understand it but after reading this article I kinda feel interested. Any suggestions on where I could start? I'm a fullstack web dev, so I'm very familiar with JS, TS and NodeJS


We have some content related to solidity and ethereum on Duomly for free. But for general blockchain-around content, I was starting from books like "Mastering Blockchain".


You should give Cryptozombies a try as it's free and very funny to learn! After accomplishing it, you will understand how Blockchain works under the hood, how Solidity works and how to integrate it in JavaScript projects. I had a huge fun doing the first level!


Yes! Doing solidity basics through crypto zombies are super cool!
But crypto zombies eat crypto kitties :(


Hi Mydrax,

Check this guy at youtube:

Hope you will pick up some basics.


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