How English changed my life !

yafkari on December 24, 2018

Hi everyone, Today, I will speak about the importance of the English in the IT field. Why English ? If I can write articles to you to... [Read Full]
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I'm French Canadian. In north America, being a native French speaker means that you will need to learn English to do anything once you got out of the province.

I learned to read and write in English while playing video games when I was a kid. I played Runescape and every objects you hovered your mouse to would display the name in the top corner, so it helped broaden my grammar. Then I had the obligatory English classes. Then I continued to read books in English, play video games in English, watch movies and YouTube videos.

When I slowly started to get involved in the IT world, I understood quickly that English is essential. When I started my IT tech diploma and now my IT engineering diploma, it's a fact that rnish is the main language in IT.

I'm at a point now that I fluently understand English, my writting is good but not too complex. As for my speaking skills, since I still live in a French speaking city, I don't often have the opportunity to practice, but watching and listening to English material makes me quite a good speaker nonetheless.

I now prefer to watch movies and TV series in their original version and most of my books are in English.


Yes, video games and series, videos, ... are good ways to learn English, it helps a lot.

I thought all the cities in Canada were bilingual, you teach me something !

Thank's for sharing !


In Canada, it's the government that offers bilingual services. The majority speaks English and will never learn French. A minority speaks French.

Ah okay, so it's a myth 😂.

Thank's for the precision 😁.


Welcome friend !!
English language is so important in all fields. without it we will never learn anything that is new, for me i can't live my life without reading atleast one article in my daily routine.
Speaking fluency is a skill and if you want to be good at this skill you need to practice it... so you need to speak without thinking just speak try to speak with your self first and then search for someone to speak with him... there is a lot of tips on google search how to improve speaking fluency skill.
Good luck :)


I'm from France, and I must say it's a huge issue for many developers here. Many of them really struggle with English (or don't want to learn it al all).
It's so awkward to see them googling in French for IT related subjects ...


I'm from Belgium, same story 😂👌


I'm agree with you, I still learning english for get a better job and maybe relocate in other city.

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