HTTP status codes - What happened to ?

yafkari on December 18, 2018

Hello everyone, Today, I will speak about HTTP status codes. Yesterday at 7:30 pm, I was taking a look at Github and, I don't know why, I needed... [Read Full]
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For the first time in 25 years of development I actually got to use that in a production system. It was for a brief lived feature where I needed to ensure I wouldn't step on another status' toes so worked wonderfully.


Well this post is evidence that the service did come back online eventually 😄

Actually, due to edge caching, most pages were still deliverable despite issues with the central application.


Yes, it only lasted a few minutes, thankfully 😄.

Effectively, I noticed it later.


Clickbait title! But a nice reminder of HTTP status codes. 🤗


I'll do better next time. 😅

Thank's for the feedback !


I mean, I thought something really bad had happened to, but turns out this is nothing but a discussion of status codes. I hope you see my point. 😂

it wasn't my goal, sorry for that 😂😅

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