*New Series* - Weekly Tech news πŸ“°0️⃣

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Weekly Tech news (6 Part Series)

1) *New Series* - Weekly Tech news πŸ“°0️⃣ 2) Weekly Tech news πŸ“°1️⃣ 3 ... 4 3) Weekly Tech news πŸ“°2️⃣ 4) Weekly Tech news πŸ“°3️⃣ 5) Weekly Tech news πŸ“°4️⃣ 6) Weekly Tech news πŸ“°5️⃣

Hello everyone!

Today, I present you a new project to which I have given a lot of thought.

I don't know if anyone has already done it on DEV but I wanted to create and spend some of my time on it, so here it is 😁.

It will be a new series of article that will be posted every week / 2 weeks ?
Tell me what do you think about the frequency, I was thinking about one article per week, for example every Monday.

I will essentially summarize what happened in the tech world the week before.
I will probably provide links to more detailed articles for those most interested.

So let me know if you like the idea by reacting and commenting below 😜 !

Do not forget to follow me to not lose a crumb of it !

Of course, if you have any idea that could be applied to this series, feel free to share it in comments. Thank you ! πŸ™πŸ»

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Biweekly is fine. What’s your main focus going to be? Tech is a large umbrella of topics...


Thanks for sharing your opinion πŸ˜‡

I tried to answer your question at the comment just above πŸ‘ŒπŸ»


What sort of "tech world" stuff will you be covering?


If a new technology or product is announced then I will talk about it.
What did the GAFA... invented again to steal our data for example ^
Maybe some information about the latest launches/announcements (tv, smartphones, ...)
The vulnerabilities discovered during the week, ...

That's what I call tech world 😁

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