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re: I do not mean to be confrontational in this comment, but as an independent person looking at this, I would like to offer some feedback. If I am ...

I would like to clarify few things:

Since when doing well in a task and going beyond sounds bad?

Words like "gotta", "gonna", "cuz", ":D", "!?", "lemme", and emojis.

I was explicitly asked to avoid formalities (with a smile emoji):


but if it didn't clearly show your progression then you did not meet this challenge. The email the next day saying "I'm almost done" and "Gonna review the requirements to see if I missed something" raises concern for me that you did not do that

For the sake of conciseness, I didn't share how I approached the task:


There is more to being a developer than cranking out code

Yeah, there is the "dealing with humans" aspect, which they might be super bad at.

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