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Discussion on: If you don't hire juniors, you don't deserve seniors

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If you refuse to hire junior developers because they make “messes,” you’re sending a strong and unintended message about your company culture: no mistakes allowed.

Disagree, the message seems to be something more along the lines of "We do not have time to train junior developers"
Which is a fair point from business perspective.

“Hi, I’m a team lead, I’ve worked here for eight years and I joined the company as an intern.” Impressive and very rare.

It is very rare to find a developer working at the same company for more than a couple years. Nothing to do with juniors and the point of this article.

The author seems to be thinking that junior developers are somehow 100% guaranteed to become senior developers in the near future. A lot of "juniors" are just trying out IT to see if the career works for them.

Look at it from the stand point of business.
Perhaps making a statement like "we do not hire junior developers" is kinda too blatant, but the statement "if you dont hire juniors your company has shitty culture" - is just plain wrong.
I worked at places that hire juniors and I worked at places that don't - it has nothing to do with the company culture, it has everything to do with the business structure and how well off the company is on the market.

I think the problem does not really exist, if you are a junior dev - just apply for positions that match your skills and ignore the title requirement.