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Yew Kang Wei
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Road to getting a dev job

Right after writing about my portfolio website, I hopped onto my Word file and started refactoring my cover letter. Yes, I have a template, but it's self-made.

The next morning, after building a mini React Progressive Web App (PWA) project, I began my job hunting journey. I spent about 6 hours of my day applying for dev jobs, and the rest learning how to increase my chance of getting a call-back.

I wrote about 25 customized cover letters in total. I know it's a numbers game and I need to 10x my productivity. My eyes hurt when I read too much on my screen, but I'll take short breaks and continue grinding.

I won't give up, and I wish you all good luck getting a job. Stay safe.

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Ryan Latta

I love that hustle.

Few things I might draw your attention to as you do this. It looks like you might be tracking your applications. If you aren't already, track if and when you get an interview.

That can help you get a little more analytical about it.

Now, the next bit is a bit more US centric. The first thing people will look at is your resume. They will look at that before your portfolio site and they will look at it before your cover letter. If your resume isn't convincing them you're interesting in 60-90 seconds they'll never see your portfolio or cover letter.

A way I frame this is your resume gets you 60-90 seconds to decide to look at you more in depth. Your cover letter buys you up to 2-3 minutes. Your portfolio site, etc can round all of that out with 5 or more minutes. That's about it. That is about all the time you have to get them to say yes.

If you're having a hard time getting interviews my first thing I recommend people check is their resume. Its the quickest to fix and the first impression people have.

I write about this stuff a lot (Even wrote a book on it). Here's an article that goes into more depth

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Yew Kang Wei Author

Thank you so much, Ryan. I really appreciate the advice you give. I've read the entire article you wrote. I understand more now, I gotta be value-focused. I do track my applications, and also record it on my spreadsheet when I'm rejected. I will work on my resume now, and hope that I will get more replies!