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How do web development teams collaborate?

I'm a fairly skilled frontend developer [I've only worked with external public APIs]

I understand that a basic web development team will minimally contain roles for a UI/Interaction Designer, a Front-End Developer & a Back-End Developer.

I'm curious about how they collaborate - Do backend devs finish their job then release the API before frontend devs start their job? Do backend devs wait for UI designers to know how they'll model the API? or do UI designers wait for backend devs API to have an idea about the UI they'll design i.e checkbox or dropdown]

And also what software do small teams use for collaboration?

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David Israel

Ideally the so called Back-End Developer is actually Full Stack and can put in a fully functioning page that only lacks the look that was specified by the UI/Interaction Designer. Or conversely the Front-End developer is Full Stack and adds to a Rest API what he needs for the new page and perhaps just needs some new service to call. The point is that a traditional Front-End / Back-End split as was conceived decades ago is now a bad idea.