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Hello fellow devs,

Greetings from Bangkok, Thailand. I'm currently an Android dev in a small software house. I recently came across this site after flipping through Flipboard app and found a good read in this site. I have to say that I am surprised at the ongoing community in the site so decided to join.

I've been writing code for only about 3-4 years after graduating, mostly stuff about frontend (using JS frameworks) and now switching to Android (Kotlin yay!).

Going forward, I believe the future is machine learning. I have a rather ambitious plan to learn and become a full-stack dev one day, while at the same time getting caught up with studying AI in my freetime. My plan is to do a side project like a mobile app that involves some sort of machine-learning data processing backend. I hope I can share and contribute something to the site as I go on about the project. In the meantime, looking forward to more interesting reads from the site :)

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