What do I need to know or learn to be a senior php developer?

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I'm relatively new here and I've looked around, I must admit I love the people here.

I've been coding for a few years now and I've executed a handful of projects, most of which are offline by the way.

Thing is, most of those years were spent in school studying physics so I didn't have much time to improve like someone coding full time (that's not an excuse, I know).

I'm out of school now and I'd love to improve on my skills. What do I need to know to be a senior developer? I know oop and that's about it. I tried to learn laravel but realized I didn't know MVC after setting it up. I learned MVC but I've not been able to build anything using the architecture. I just can't build a full web app with the architecture except stuff similar to the tutorials I followed.

I'm comfortable with my normal way of structuring code. Classes somewhere, files to be called by ajax somewhere, etc etc.

I really need to improve and I'd love to know what I need to learn in the order I need to learn them.

Most importantly, i need a mentor. I'm self taught and i need someone to mentor me, scrutinize my code and push me. I have a problem with procastination and I think having a mentor will go a long way in getting rid of that. If you're interested in mentoring me (which I'd seriously appreciate), kindly let me know and I'll contact you. Thanks.

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No. But I've been reading posts (here and beyond) about the differences between senior and junior/intermediate developers so it's all good.