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Discussion on: What tech did you use to build your personal website/portfolio? 2020 Edition!

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Junxiao Shi • Edited on

The 1998 article is my homework from elementary school.
2002-2005 articles are diary entries, most of which were originally on paper; I typed them into computer around 2011.
Most of 2005-2008 articles are either copied from Windows Live Spaces, or converted from my college homework.

The starting of this website is documented in article.

Prior to 2010, there were no Markdown. Everything was in HTML, either handwritten or generated by Word / WordPress / TinyMCE / Blogger / Windows Live Writer / Google Docs. Simpler pages were manually converted to Markdown. More complex pages are still in HTML, and my server side scripts have to accommodate that.

From time to time, I would discover a broken link, a typo, or other errors, from a page made 7~10 years ago, and I'm still fixing these.

I don't know what to do with the 4 pages using Shockwave Flash Player…