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Discussion on: Better Code Than Never

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Congrats !

You have nice journey.

Something I have learned is to look at my past achievements, see the way they are correlated (what Steve Jobs call connecting the dots ) and check how can take advantages from them.

According to your past achievements, I'd say that you should give a look at Data Visualization tools.

If you have a background as Public-health researcher, that means that statistics is familiar to you.

Your other achievements show skills to present the content, and you have already learned and applied some web standards.

That's not in conflict with your passion:

leveraging technology to solve problems and achieve business/organizational goals

because "defining a problem is half of the solution" . Well presented data insights can show the business the problems that they don't even think they have. This can also show them process optimizations that can save them millions or duplicate the amount of sales.

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Arit Amana Author

Thanks so much for this input 💖