Am I the only one who pronounces git as 'jit'?

yujiri8 profile image Ryan Westlund ・1 min read

Jit isn't already an English word, and G before I, E, or Y is normally J in English.


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Let me jet this history lesson as a free jift for you: Linus Torvalds named it after himself. So it's supposed to be pronounced as the English word 'git'. ;-)


I read about that, but who cares how the creator says it.

Get and give are counterexamples (though extremely common words are normally exceptional, so get isn't surprising), but: gem, gym, gin, gel, gyroscope, general, gender, geology, gyno- (prefix meaning female)...

Well, I guess there are a few more counterexamples... gill, gizmo, geezer... so IDK. I guess it goes both ways in English.


There are also 2 relevant counterexamples you left out: gif and git 😜

I also pronounce gif as jif :P

You do you! That’s the beauty of a diverse community like this: we all have our quirks and can only learn from each other. Seriously, does it really matter if there’s a right way? I don’t pronounce SQL “sequel” but s-q-l, regularly call out methods as functions or define their arguments as params.

Does it really matter? As long I can explain what I need to other fellow devs or can understand what they need from me?


You're going to give yourself a headache if you try to make sense of the English language.


As far as i understand wordsgetvand give arent exceptions but rules. Since all the most words you listed (and all that are 3-4 letter words which we must actualy look at not longer) have soft g because of external reason example gem came from latin gemma gym is abbreviation of word gymnasium (this long words have different set of rules all together) gin apperently came from dutch word for juniper jenever gel came from words gelatin and jell/jelly,

Besides there are many words that just get give gill gizmo geezer


You are right, but Git is known to be an exception, like Gift, Girl, Gill, Gizmo, etc.

While not Gif, where you are 100% right to say Jif and if you say Gif you are factually wrong, some words gain exception. Git was one with adopted exception, especially since Linus Torvalds named it that way, to be an exception.


Actualy as far as i understand english gift grill gill gizmo etc are rules not exceptions because most words that are pronouneced with soft g got that prononciation from something else like foreign launguage(gem for example came from latin word gemma) or are abbreviations of another word which has soft g.
Another thing we should understand is that with git we must also look at what kind of prononciation finnish language says because linus is finnish and well they do have different prononciations(example linus(his name))


why its git and not jit first of all linus created and named it so since he is from finland he has different pronounciation of lettters so he could have named it with that prononciation in mind, great example of difference in pronounciation is his namd


gif passes for jif but definitely not git


Well even gif by proper english doesnt pass for jif but because creator of the graphic interchangable format said its jif supposedly is so but by basis of my understanding of english it should be gif


I suppose as long as the message is passed, pronouncing it as gif or jif doesnt really matter


Yes, I think you're the only one. 🤭