Are you using shell aliases enough?

Ryan Westlund on January 20, 2020

One thing I don't really understand about Unix is why the basic commands are all two letters instead of one. Why should I have to type "l s" just t... [Read Full]
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Oh my zshell has a lot of really good aliases, gst for git status, gl for git pull, gp for git push, etc. Highly recommend taking a look.



I just want to say that the day after I read this I did reduce my git aliases (gts for status, gtl for log, gtd for diff, gtu for add -u), and already I'm feeling the gains so much. Every time I do an impulsive gts, I'm something like a whole 0.1 seconds faster! Thanks for the pointer :D


Ooh, now I feel like a hypocrite for making my git aliases longer than that 🤔. I couldn't do all the git aliases like that though, since gc is something else, and it's a little iffy to have them inconsistent. I haven't aliased most of the git commands besides status, log, and commit, cause I don't use pull and push very often (not even once a day). I plan to alias switch and checkout once I learn more about the difference between them (I'm still kinda confused cause they can be used in place of each other in a lot of situations but not all).

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