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Discussion on: A story of data hiding and why you shouldn't

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Ryan Westlund Author

So you're telling me there isn't an actual way to convert directly from a reflect.Value that represents a slice to an actual slice type, I would've had to use Len and Index or Slice to rebuild the slice?

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Junxiao Shi

package main

import (

type X struct {
    y []string

func main() {
    x := new(X)
    x.y = []string{"yyyy"}

    vx := reflect.ValueOf(x)
    vy := vx.Elem().FieldByName("y")

    var y []string
    *(*reflect.SliceHeader)(unsafe.Pointer(&y)) = *(*reflect.SliceHeader)(unsafe.Pointer(vy.UnsafeAddr()))

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You can use SliceHeader. However, this requires the unsafe package.

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Ryan Westlund Author

That is quite some black magic.