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re: what is the best sources for learning programming? VIEW POST


Well, "learning programming" is pretty vague, but I think in general you should focus on learning a specific language, rather than "programming" as a whole. (Judging by this and the other post I just read, I assume you're new to the art) Picking a good language to learn first is important.

I strongly recommend Python; it's very streamlined, has a nice interactive prompt for experimenting, and lots of other nice traits. I don't know of any particularly good tutorials for Python though (I'm thinking about writing one myself). The interpreter's also likely to be preinstalled depending on your operating system (but watch out for version 2 versus version 3 issues).

Go is another language I think is not a bad pick for starting out; I don't like it as much, and it doesn't have the interactive prompt, but it has less features to learn and there's a really good tutorial called Go By Example.

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