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re: What's one thing about Linux you wish you'd known? VIEW POST


If I had to give a single answer, it'd probably be the first part of Kyle Nickel's answer - to use aliases. Even after I found out about them, I really dreadfully underused them for my first 4 years or so. How many millions of seconds I could've saved by now! If I had to give an answer that's not already posted, I'd say tiling window managers. They're badass. I used XFCE (non-tiling) for a while after I switched to Gentoo until I heard about dwm. I found dwm unwelcoming at first, but holy crap was it worth the effort to learn. Using a non-tiling window managers now feels to me like coding while I have a cold - doable, but way less efficient, constantly uncomfortable and never something I'd want to go back to.

When I hear that a new developer is trying to ‘learn Linux’ it sounds as daunting as a history student saying ‘I’m trying to learn everything about Europe.’

Haha, it is like that :) I love it though. Unix (I prefer saying that unless it's Linux-specific) is a whole universe, a way of life.

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