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re: Disadvantages of Javascript import VIEW POST

re: When I start using a new name in a component's file, I have to also add it at the top, and I frequently forget. Solution: Use VSCode. Intellisens...

I suppose this is an advantage of IDEs, but it's not going to switch to a completely new editor for it.


But then one could argue that this complaint is not legitimate because it applies to any language that requires importing libraries or modules of any sort. If you're not using an IDE that supports auto-importing, then it's obviously up to you to import it.

In Python, you can just import the module name and get all its names and without any namespace issues (I wrote this before I remembered that in Javascript import * as ... is a thing). So in light of that yeah that complaint wasn't legit, but my other complaint was that when you import them instead of attaching them to the window, you can't access them in devtools.

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