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re: All the other points are good, but ugly syntax isn't something I'd agree with, you must be using language which uses indentation, it's their syntax...

I don't agree that all matters of syntax are subjective. For example, what if a language required ;;;; after a line, or the use of two tabs as indentation? I think we can agree that some syntax rules can be objectively worse than others.

In general, my case against semicolon line continuation is that since line continuation is needed on a minority of lines, it is better to have a syntax that requires an additional character for continuing than an additional character whenever a line ends.

Part of the reason I favor indentation in general is that we always want to indent our code anyway when we use a language that doesn't need it.


You can disagree, in this case of nginx, I like the syntax, and I know many who do, and I know many who don't, it's calles syntax for a reason, it's rules for that particular domain,

Now what I hate is optionals if a semi colon is optional, that's the worst, either require it, or throw error if there's one present.

You don't require semis for sure, but calling it ugly because a language requires is just plain wrong, it's subjective

I agree on optional semicolons; those bother me the most. I don't agree that aesthetics are purely subjective, and I gave some examples that I think illustrate why, and explained why I think not having semicolons is better. In fact it seems a bit ironic to me to say "that's plain wrong, it's subjective".

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