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re: Want To Know All Javascript Topics To Learn From Beginner To Advanced VIEW POST


Good question. Aside from general programming concepts (which I assume you know), I think the biggest conceptual hurdles Javascript holds are around promises. It took me a long time to get to a point where I no longer get confused by them. There are better explanations out there than any I could give, but they're a central, very important concept, and definitely not easy to come to grips with. The beloved async/await are sugar for Promise.then or whatever it's called, and in some situations it's helpful or necessary to still know the Promise methods.

Also, you might already know, but incase you don't, you should know that MDN ( has amazing docs on all things HTML, JS, or CSS. Way better reference than anything else I've seen. They aren't usually as high in search results as W3Schools (which apparently is not affiliated with the W3C), but their info and explanations are better. Almost any time you want to know something about one of the three technologies, MDN is the best place to visit.


Thank you Ryan for your guidance 😊

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