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re: Do we really need to minify everything? VIEW POST

re: Though I use Lit-Element, which means it's basically impossible to serve my JS without a transpiler anyway (cuz import paths). Can't you use <...

Can't you use <script type="module">? Or try If you need minify, snowpack --optimize is there.

<script type="module"> works, but needs the absolute URL of the module, and AFAIK lit-element is written with internal files importing each other by relative paths. I hadn't heard of snowpack. It sounds neat. I'm not planning to put work into improving my (already working) tooling in the near future, but I might look into it sometime.

Having an aversion to Golang is fair. I'm not a big fan of it either. But in general, the language the backend is written in isn't the biggest factor in the performance users see (the amount of network traffic is more important), and performance is in turn not the biggest factor in SEO (I'm no SEO expert, but as far as I know it's a pretty small one). So you can really use almost any language you want on the backend.

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