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re: Dreams of an ideal world: package managers VIEW POST

re: It should be runtime-specific package managers, not language. Certain runtimes can run different languages. Often those runtimes are named after th...

I'm a little confused by that question. Runnable software written in Python (eg. Letsencrypt certbot) would obviously have to depend on installing Python.

As I said, I'm not sure about packages that are both end-usable and language libraries. It would have to install the interpreter/runtime for a language that needs one, but it might be a justification for putting it in the OS package repo, since it's something you might want to install for a reason other than using it to develop in that language.

I think it reduces the work that OS/distribution maintainers have to do if the OS package tool doesn't have to vendor so many language-specific libraries, and can just let the language's package manager handle it.

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