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re: the time losses were utterly massive. Something like a minute a day 1 minute a day is akin to saying don't drink water as walking to the bathroom...

I pray to god no one else suffers from this level of hubris and corner cutting :'(

Thank you for illustrating why I felt the need to make this post. People who don't follow the conventional wisdom are met with toxicity, and I hope that by posting this I can help remove the stigma.


People who don't follow the conventional wisdom are met with toxicity

I'm sorry if you feel like my post is toxic.

Conventional wisdom usually carries some weight, and challenging it requires a good argument to go against it.

I only read about "saving 1 minute a day being massive savings", which seems to me like a very weak reason to promote these sort of choices.

Again, I don't believe my post will change your choices. I just hope no one else follows this example and nothing bad comes from it, either for you or anyone else.

PS. Calling out a post as toxic is an easy way to dismiss a post by leveraging a "red herring" approach, that doesn't necessarily address the argument being made (which is that this is a bad idea). I might be Dr. Evil, but he can still make a valid argument.

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