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re: It's an interesting viewpoint you pose, but I would like to expand it a bit. The same can be said about pretty much everything in the modern world:...

Thanks for posting such a in-depth reply. You're definitely right that competition is valuable, and monopolies have poor incentives. I'd probably do well to consider that more. But it applies more to commercial products than it does to the open-source world. Not to say it doesn't apply at all, but it doesn't apply as much when the software can be easily forked without legal restrictions (ie. easier to start new competition).

I'm definitely concerned about limiting user choice by reducing options, but at the same time, with architectural pieces of software, I think user choice isn't as important as it is with end applications like editors and browsers. I still wouldn't want to force people to consolidate though, I believe the only solution to the problem is to start by being the change we want to see and setting good examples. (Part of why my drive to learn more languages/stuff isn't what it used to be; I don't want to learn something new unless I think it's markedly better in some way.)

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