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re: If articles are the main attention section on the page, I think you can wrap them inside . Regarding the comments, honestly, I'm not really sure, b...

The reason I started putting comments outside the <article> was an SEO concern. I saw in Google search console that some of my URLs with a query string that caused it to load a subtree of the comments were not having their canonicals URLs respected. I figured it was because not loading the full comment tree made it count as such different content (this happened on pages with a lot of comments) that Google refused to consider them the same page. I thought putting the comments outside of an <article> would help (and it looks like it did).

BTW your comment displays as "I think you can wrap them inside .". I don't know if that was supposed to be "inside <main>"... I think you have to use &lt; to show HTML in

Oh, yea it should be <main> :)
Thanks for noticing.

That's a good insight though, straight off to Google Console now. Thanks. 👍🏽

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