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I would prefer some explanation for some of these. Are these known to have SEO benefits or something? I find "The img element isn't used to create decorative graphics" especially counterintuitive.

Also, do you happen to know how <main> is supposed to interact with <article>? If I have an article with comments, is it better to put only the article content in <article> and have <main> contain both the article and comment section? I would assume so, but I've also heard some sources say that a nested article indicates a piece of content related to the parent article, and give comments as an example.


This post is my conclusions and recommendations. You can use this as the way to expand the vision. For example, you don't agree with my recommendation about the img and decorative graphics. Ok, if I were you I'd to search information why people create decorative graphics using CSS. I personally I do it because decorative graphics are the visual part of an interface. For this tasks I use CSS.

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