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Discussion on: Let's talk about Linux

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Ryan Westlund

I did this with TrueOS (a spinoff of FreeBSD). Originally I wanted to use Trident because I'd heard it was a fork of TrueOS which was a fork of PC-BSD which was basically like FreeBSD but meant for desktop users. But when I found out Trident had moved to Void Linux as a base I ended up not using that because I didn't know as much about Linux (though in retrospect I'm not sure about that decision because it might've been a good opportunity to expand my horizons) and so I installed TrueOS, found out the hard way that its install guide is millenia out of date and it isn't a desktop-focused OS anymore, more a spinoff of FreeBSD with mild architectural changes. Still, I ended up getting the TrueOS desktop working and friendly to them with XFCE, Wine, and cups (my dad has an addiction to printing :)).