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Ryan Westlund
Ryan Westlund

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Dreams of an ideal world: the embedded editor

I like to fantasize about how the software ecosystem could be if everything was perfect. One thing I dream of is the thought of the embedded editor.

I am a Unix devotee who uses Nano, and so I find in-browser text editing unacceptably primitive when I'm writing a long reddit comment or something (I can't even search/replace? How am I supposed to do anything?). Not to mention the possibility of my browser crashing, or my hand touching the trackpad and everything blowing up. So often what I do is write my posts/comments in Nano and then paste them in when I'm done. But this is mildly inconvenient, and I like to imagine how things could be better.

What if we lived in a world where browsers or other apps that needed text editing could embed the editor specified in your $EDITOR so you get all the functionality you're used to? There would be some difficulties implementing it, for sure, but I like to dream.

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Clive Da • Edited on

#beentheredonethat its called theia-ide

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Ryan Westlund Author

That's interesting, but it looks like that's just for a specific IDE.