How do reactions work?

Ryan Westlund on January 16, 2020

I'm new to dev.to. Q#1: What's the difference between heart and unicorn? They both seem like like buttons. Q#2: I can react to my own posts? I ju... [Read Full]
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Hello Ryan and welcome to Dev, it's great to have you here.

The unicorn is open to interpretation and there have been a few threads with others thoughts over the years:

You can react to your own posts with the heart, unicorn and bookmark emoji if you wish. When you post a comment you react with a heart by default.

The reactions on desktop should sit on the left hand side when viewing a post, when you resize the browser narrow enough they will shift to the bottom of the screen. Is that what you are seeing or do we need to submit a bug report?


Oh, I see the reactions on the bottom now. Thank you. I don't know I didn't see them before :D

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