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PHP devs: Why do you use PHP?

I've heard an astonishing amount of negative opinion about PHP, most notably this article. So I wonder if there are any real reasons people use it besides inertia / it's popular / etc; are there any real areas where PHP's design as a language is unusually good?

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Quentin Delcourt

I think PHP7 is what saved PHP a few years ago. It tremendously improved the performance and started bringing more strength to the programs by introducing better type checking. It got even better with the latest PHP7.4 release.

On top of that there are really powerful frameworks like Symfony or Laravel that allows you to create small or big applications easily.

Some of the language's inconsistencies are still there unfortunately but they're not a big deal compared to the advantages.

At least for me 🙂

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Evgeniy • Edited on

If people were always rational, the whole world would use a couple of languages and everyone would have enough.

In reality, quality and popularity are poorly correlated.
Popularity is the product of a good marketing, large companies behind language, some historical moments.

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Brandin Chiu • Edited on

I use PHP for the same reason I use Ubuntu: maturity and community.

PHP is still the most popular language on the web (mostly due to WordPress), and can be exceptionally powerful.

It definitely contains some quirks from its younger years, but when contrasted with something like Javascript (in the backend at least), I find the language itself continues to get better over time, where JS only seems to benefit from external libraries getting better, while very few features are actually brought to the language itself.

PHP is exceptionally well maintained and supported, and because it's built on top of C, you can do a lot of really powerful things interacting with the physical system it runs on, which can sometimes be helpful if done correctly.

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Hacker Gaucho • Edited on

are there any real areas where PHP's design as a language is unusually good?

yes, website creation. the PHP was an acronym for "Personal Home Page Tools".

the PHP has evolved over the history of the web and is better because of that.

the PHP does only one thing but does it better than others programming languages.

I talked a little more about it in the post "Porque o Python não é melhor que o PHP" in portuguese.

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Evin Author

Your post link seems to be broken. I would like to read it.

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Hacker Gaucho • Edited on

link updated, thanks =)

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Adnan Babakan (he/him)

I do accept that PHP lacks some features that other languages have but that doesn't mean PHP is a bad language. PHP lets you write your code in the way you want which can be an advantage or a disadvantage according to one's knowledge of software architecture. The other reason that I use PHP is the reason that deploying it is very easy thanks to many hostings supporting PHP.

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Because, with PHP, I can create website quickly.

I use Codeigniter combined with Twig:

GitHub logo mzaini30 / codeigniter-twig

Monggo yang mau coba Codeigniter + Twig

Cara memanggil Twig lewat Controller